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TheBahamianPrincess♚ They ain't snatched nothing... they think they have... you can't steal nothing from us, honey, sorry we're golden! J.

Cole Rap Quote, they'll only let you but get so far before they remind you they can take it all away.

I can not even describe to you the laughter that came out of my face from this pin.

Oh no, what have you created?

This is very cute.  I am not a fan of JayZ, but I do like how humble he is.  jay-z and old woman conversation in the subway

I just love that Jay-Z was so sweet about the whole thing. I love his face at the end .I'm not really a fan of his music or anything like that, but this is awesome!

I Put Visine In Before Class, No One Will Suspect A Thing From redeyesonline.net

27 Hilarious Moments Of Stoner Logic. -hahahaha so damn true.

21 Bloody Brilliant Skills Anyone Who's Had A Period Has Mastered