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Gatto nero

This is a beautiful BLACK cat. It is nice to see people putting up pictures of BLACK cats today. Thank you from The Incensewoman Happy Black Cat Tuesday to all. and from another BLACK cat lover!

Nini, Ninoschka | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bit more of a Soft or True Summer quality here, compared to the Soft Autumn kitten a few days ago. Pinker tones in the greys. Why does Summer influence make me think of cats and kittens? The dark grey eyeliner as pants, the white as a blouse, the eyes as

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A heart made of kittens. Yes it is, but it is also a brown kitten heart head. How many more hearts will there be.

Christmas kitty

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. your ornaments are history!" Keep your cats out of the Christmas tree. Plus, some decorating precautions to keep kitty safe.

puma cub » Wildlife World Zoo &

puma cub » Wildlife World Zoo &

Have you seen our Kitten Guide? Make sure your #kittens are getting proper nutrition during a kitten's first year of life. www.royalcanin.us/kittens-and-cats/kittens/kitten-guide

2 orange kittens with blue eyes! This is what our new kitty Kenobi looks like! Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!