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(Open RP) I hear the door open. "We have a new student with us today!" Says the teacher "Why don't you tell us your name? I'm Jace Wayland.

So concerned about me

Well my favorite character is dean. Well that's seems about accurate←mine is Loki and Sherlock. Obviously mortals.----I'm a little nervous John Watson, Sherlock and the Doctor <----- mine is Sam Winchester

Yep, that's exactly what I mean

Yep, that's exactly what I mean

Yea I think they got the cyber bullying thing wrong. I'm not secretive people are just uneducated in the fandom life. That is not cyber bullying. That is a FANDOM.

Imagine your favorite character barging into your room this moment, grabbing your hand, and taking you with them into their world. Lets be honest though most of us would be dead within a week. But it would be a bloody brilliant week.

It would be the best bloody brilliant week of my life!<-- To Asgard! To The TARDIS! To The Hunger Games! Ok maybe not hunger games! To hogwarts! To camp half-blood! To supernatural! To middle earth!

Holy SHIT!!!!

But apparently I have like soulmates guys yay looks like in other parallel universes (DW ref) I'm not forever alone! Even though I am here, but who cares when I have my Fandoms!

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The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.>>> I have found my people

Author: Oo.. Kay? Me: that's only a few things but that can get your list started for me! :D

Literally that's it just give me that info. Idk why authors hold back into like…

I know this doesn't fit my Pinterest theme here.. But I saw it and had to pin it. It means the world to me ~MollyHolmes aka Molly Hooper

This is so true for me. My first fandom was Harry Potter and it has been 2 years and now I've also joined Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent, Sherlock, Death Note and Doctor Who.

And that is exactly why I want to learn braille!!

Someone from Nottingham, England, GB posted a whisper in the group Bookworms, which reads "If only books were printed with glow in the dark ink. Life would be so much easier "

Hilarious book humor memes about thoughts that keep readers up late at night.

20 Thoughts That Keep Bookworms Up at Night