All hail the QUEEN.

When you start drawing a Queen Lucy AU but then you realise it’s hardly an AU because Lucy IS a Queen in the current universe.

supreme-ruler-of-anime:  “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”

(Fairy Tail)Hello I'm Lucy Heartfilia. I'm a spiritual wizard and I'm part of the Fairy Tail guild. I'm not sure if my spirits will work here but I hope they will. Has anyone seen Natsu or Gray?

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Fairy tail: chibi lucy with a new outfit and her new key libra i invented a new outfit for lucy and i imagine the key of libra the scales. chibi lucy : new outfit and the key libra

Lucy Heartfilia and Aquarius (Fairy Tail) - by Fairy News

Lucy Heartfilia and Aquarius (Fairy Tail) - by Fairy News Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Pretty Lucy

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