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Joseph Gorden Levitt Been watching him since his Rock days, when he was my first celeb crush! He has turned into a great performer.

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John Krasinski, Jim Halpert is the ultimate dream guy. Already having Office withdraws

Vests are cool if they are fitted.	Joseph Gorden Levitt in the August issue of GQ

Joseph Gordon-Levitt slams GQ for saying his brother died of OD

joseph gordon-levitt / GQ august 2012 Yes I will shamelessly buy this magazine for little reason other than jgl is gracing the cover. and maybe ill let collin read it haha

joseph gordon-levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt-I developed a crush on him back in his Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You days. But I must say, he has only grown more handsome with age. And I love that he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt=Robin!!!!!:)

50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt from The 100 Best Things in Pop Culture!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I love you. Marry me?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt for "hitRECord".

Scares me how much he resembles a one Mr. Ledger... Maybe that's why I adore him!

i swear, joseph gordon levitt is turning into heath ledger. which is not a bad thing

Fair Isle | Up Your Fashion Game

Fair Isle

Is there a Joseph Gordon-Levitt knitting pattern? Joseph Gordon-Levitt sporting a more grown-up fair isle sweater from French Connection in the December 2009 issue of GQ.


Oh hello Joseph Gordon Levitt! Marry me?

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin