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I do this!

Relatable Post what happens if its a kpop song though and you can't remember the the english words.

so me!

go to sleep. go to sleep. go to sleep. stop thinking about tomorrow. go to sleep. GO TO SLEEP

This is so true.

Teenager Post : Let's play the "how much time can I waste before I start crying about how stressed I am because I'm procrastinating my life away" game

Teenage posts

I've been mad at people in real life to get over things they've done to me in dreams before.>>>> Ive had the craziest dreams that i actually thought where real for a while

Chug that agua

When I want to loosen up a lil bit I'll have a juice box.and not just any juice box the cherry flavored.

All the time!!! Anyone else??

That awkward moment when there's a hair in your mouth and you can't find it so you're just grabbing your tongue. in public- it happens all the time

I have a bad memory..

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I wish I had a window seat with lots of pillows that I could sit in and drink (coffee & hot chocolate ) and read books in and watch the rain in.

im not a teenager but this is sooooo me!!!!!---> ikr!? I realize how similar I am to most teenagers and I've got about 2 years until

Teenager Post It may look like I'm having really deep thoughts but of the time I'm just thinking about what food I'm going to eat later.

Totally true teenager post.

One of the funniest things I have ever related with and not just a Teenager Post!