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I usually do them but, the ex.

I am more of a basketball hockey ( any kind of hockey ) volleyball ball and soccer I need GO GO GO sports football is just a lot of stop and go and stop and go

My coach said i run like a girl, and i said he ran a little faster he could too.  This woman is the best <3

#LikeAGirl Super Bowl Ad Tops Twitter, Spurs Haters

My coach said I run like a girl and I said if he ran a little faster he could too. yes, running like a girl is awesome!

Me every time we play soccer<<someone once told me that I wasn't allowed to "push" them or touch them and that it was a "foul"

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team aginst a team full of them. My pe teacher ALWAYS does this and im just like 1 vs You must hate me

mm if you look at me like that ill do it daily haha <3

Jeez, What a Baby...

That is what every soccer player screams inside their head after they score a goal