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Brother plays Xbox with his friends<<< As a gamer girl, LGBT+ supporter, and feminist, I say that someone needs to give this boy an award.

This is the best thing I have ever read. If my child does this I will be amazed.

Funny coming out story. "I thought I was your favorite lesbian.

wow...when you think about it, it's actually pretty true.

Older generation.

'staying inside and ignoring people' is in my top 5 leisure activities. I love it so much I do it for a living.

When people who yell about acceptance of opinion but cannot accept those who think differently than them

Looool my parents. Literally my parents <<<I wish they were my parents<<< Loooooooool

Funny tumblr post

I'm bi, can't cook well, wear jeans and combat boots every day, my bra straps show, i have IDEAS

Yes! Whenever I see someone with a tattoo, I look at them cause I want to see their tattoos and see what they cared about enough to get permanently placed on their body.

Dear Tattooed People--I'm too socially anxious to ask you to stop and let me see/read what is on you.


You're prettier than Elsa. what a great pick up line. This is awesome parenting!