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Ya know, we talk a lot about Ashton's dimples, but what about Luke's? I swear this boy will be the death of me

Luke Hemmings

This is my best guy friend luke he has been my best friend ever since pre school then he went on tour with his band 5 seconds of summer !

Luke is such a mommas boy^^^ omg this is Luke hemmings in a nutshell

Luke Hemmings is the new definition of punk rock

Just picked up this bad boy at target, I have no shame  http://smarturl.it/slspep  pic.twitter.com/8u7KTpdOyP  Aw Luke #lukehemmings

5 Seconds Of Summer on

"Just picked up this bad boy at target, I have no shame"-Luke

His Jawline can cut metal! But there's his cute/dorky smile

sophie on

i love him because he's a little shy. he's just a regular guy with some friends and suddenly they have girls throwing themselves at them. i love lucas hemmings because he's simply himself.