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Supernatural started out as a story about two brothers hunting monsters before ultimately focusing on how adorable Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are together

WiffleGif has the awesome gifs on the internets. dean winchester jared padalecki gifs, reaction gifs, cat gifs, and so much more.

Gif from a panel talking about Misha trying not to laugh and keep it together while screw with him on set.

Jensen and Jared

Jared and Jensen on crying during TV shows or movies. It's okay to cry Jensen. Like when my step dad cried over Lori's death in Walking Dead.

9 Times 'Supernatural' Stars Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Won Social Media

Jensen & JarPad Make Social Media Amazing

[GIFSET] Things I like (as demonstrated by Jared Padalecki) \\ Click through for full gifset

i used to have a different opinion of jpad but then i watched the episode where the intro is him working outandmmmjensen and misha still top him tho

castiel-knight-of-hell: “ professional model vs moose on a runway ”

castiel-knight-of-hell: professional model vs...