Fantasy Anime Art : check out these stunning digital paintings & portraits by Taïwan based artist Yu Han Chen.

Winner of the Deviant Art Tomb Raider Reborn Contest: 'Chase' by Viktor Titov (Hamsterfly)

Akaele by InaWong on DeviantArt

Collection of exceptional digital artworks by an artist from Indonesia, Ina Murwani Prasetyaningrum.

Many of the women that wind up in the warrior clan are of middle class or poor women with no apprenticeship or marriage prospects. Some of the warriors will marry, but usually to another warrior. Carine's case is odd because she is from an old Elite family (nobility) and married a civilian. (Vibration Portrait Series on Behance)

Wojtek Fus is a Polish concept artist working on games and animation. Here’s a collection of his amazing portrait paintings.

Springtime in Nericis's dream

Original artwork -J. Amazing artist, Jonathon Earl Bowser Sigyn is the Norse Goddess of fidelity. She is the second wife of Loki. During his imprisonment she stayed with him and eased his suffering. Sigyn is known for her loyalty and compassion.

(;°○° ), R ING on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/-48d44657-3e9a-4bc4-85d8-f21ed532cbd2

It's not digital art. A lifelike picture of a beautiful girl. Who would've thunk it was a painting?