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Good old Gandalf and Dumbledore friendship.

Sir Ian Murray McKellen talking about Sir Michael John Gambon (A.A Gandalf talking about Dumbledore)

Feels; what are they gif demonstration. Typical age range tween/teen. Exceptions do exist.

This is what happened to me after watching the doomsday episode of doctor who an rewatching the first episode of supernatural .

No, Girls Don’t Like Boys, Here Are Things We DO Like… (esp. Richard Armitage)

"Girls don't like boys; girls like fanfiction, food, and middle-aged men." The accuracy of this post terrifies me.

Is there another option?....

Orphan Black // Misfits // The Walking Dead // Game Of Thrones // The Mortal Instruments // The Infernal Devices // Ender's Game Series // Harry Potter // Star Wars // A Certain Slant Of Light // House Of Night // Sherlock//


Doctor Who, Merlin, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, and Loki. The only thing missing is Sherlock!

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i'd be the fuckin richest person in the world. all of our fandom would be. money would eventully run out and trees would run out from being cut down from all the money. then our environment would be off and we would all die. maybe I should get paid.

(Me and friend watching Star Wars) (Friend) So, are you still crushing on people who kill people(Me) Pfffft who me... No... *crosses arms nervously* (Friend) You have a crush on KYLO REN don't you ? (Me) You know me too well my friend >.<

Is-is that a bad thing? Do people really have crushes on fictional characters who have not killed someone? Cause I can't think of a single fictional character that I even sorta like that hasn't killed someone.is that a problem