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Did you say Doctor Who/ disney/ Harry Potter/ Hunger Games/ Marvel/ DC/ any other awesome fandom?


being mulit fandom is kind of like being Divergent, because you have the aptitude for all of them and you love all of them equally, so if you're in the Divergent fandom and another fandom, you're Divergent, so we literally are our fandom.

And I enjoy it. I still want my sister to join the Frozen fandom. She half ships Hiccanna and a whole bunch of other ships just because I don't

My friends joining my fandoms: if you find anything you don't understand, ok gladly explain it for you in excruciating detail.

I hate real couples. If couples are on a tv show or a book, I will totally ship them! Nerd girl problems>>> This is so true!

Supernatural, back to the future, and friends

The Vampire Diaries The Originals gLee Game of Thrones The Hobbit Harry Potter Hunger Games ONCE How I Met Your Mother Doctor Who Mortal Instruments Pirates of the Caribbean Supernatural Sherlock The Big Bang Theory Holy crap 15 fandoms.

Me a cow on drugs when i fangurl in front of people

One time my friend and I were visiting a college where her father works and she started fangirling and she was on the floor in a ball squealing and spazzing.

Feels; what are they gif demonstration. Typical age range tween/teen. Exceptions do exist.

Mms watching the season finale of every anime, every Once Upon a Time, every Doctor Who, every Supernatural, every I could go on for hours.

Royals fangirl parody

Royals - Lorde (fangirl edition)<----fandoms need me, my books need me

Pretty much all the fandoms. Im glad i had someone with me at ianto's death.

Pretty much all the fandoms. Star Wars doctor who Sherlock supernatural and more.i do this when I'm watching supernatural

Hahaaha by AislingH

Divergent, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, The Fault in our Stars! Lol I would do the Percy Jackson thing

Story of every fangirl's life

I didn't choose the fandom life. Fandom life chose me.wait yes i chose the fandom life