[Gravity Falls] Human! Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher>>>or welcome to night vale? lol <--- ok at first I thought it was Bill now I'm not sure!<<<< Its Reverse Gravity Falls Bill Cipher

welcome to shipping hell

welcome to shipping hell < isn't it like shipping Will and Bill? Since the second journal is basically Bill<< no it's a journal. If Bill was f*cking himself then it would be BILL & WILL not JOURNAL 1 & WILL

Bill Cipher human

Oh, I draw lots of things!<<<Ever so slowly. I fall in love with this design. <<< OMG he's eating Doritos!

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Read Rude from the story Bill Cipher Human Picture Book by Mx_Signals_ (×Aesthetic×) with 214 reads.I don't know what "rude" means, but I'm gonna keep acting t.

OTP Pose Challenge by Elentori on DeviantArt

elentori: “‘Draw your OTP in this pose’ challenge. They’re definitely in sweater town right now, Mable is off to the side squealing with glee. For added viewing pleasure I recommend opening this.