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Männerfreundschaft für's Leben.

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Stop right ther… OMG THIS GIF  I am DYING  Click. CLICK IIIIIT! CLICK CLICK CLICK! What I love is the other officer cracking up on the other side of the car, and the confusion of Cop 1

Stop right ther…

A buddy spent all of last year taking selfies, the result: amazing.

A buddy spent all of last year taking selfies, the result: amazing.

A year in selfies: designer transforms 365 photos into amazing GIF

An adorable Japanese hamster named Mike has melted hearts around the world in a wonderful video that shows him munching on a tasty-looking carrot slice before going to sleep in an very cozy-looking bed. If you think Mike is as adorable as we do, then be sure to check out his owner's Youtube account, where there are many more videos of this loveable, sleepy little hamster!

Adorable Japanese Hamster Eating A Carrot Before Sleeping Is Taking Over The Internet

An adorably happy golden hamster named Mike enjoyed a juicy carrot slice while snuggled sideways inside his bountiful bed. Mike really, really loves carrot

This video was the greatest thing ever. KSI is so funny!!

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funny gifs, aquaman fish hits woman

Just read that a cat fish fell out of the sky and knocked a woman out.guess there's another random object I can add to the list of things to worry about having to dodge.

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