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Any. Damn. Cookie

Any cookie can be bite-sized if you're willing to become the joker.

Funny tumblr post

One time my teacher used Wikipedia and everyone just kind of gasped over dramatically.

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Or in the middle of the Isle at a fucking store! Don't look at me as if I'm the rude bitch because I'm pushing through!


Omg yas same I did that to my choir teacher and I was like I would like to inform you that and so on with other fancy etiquette and she answered with Thank you!

Funny pictures about Magic In The Rabbit Realm. Oh, and cool pics about Magic In The Rabbit Realm. Also, Magic In The Rabbit Realm photos.

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My school has a program to take care of and fix all the strays, the other day there was a missing poster for one of them. She hadn't been seen in her usual spot, there was a pic and a number to call if you saw the cat

YeeeeeeEEEESSS<<I love rain!!<<rain is so awesome! We have had soooo much of it lately so I'm happy

YeeeeeeEEEESSS<<I love rain!<<rain is so awesome! We have had soooo much of it lately so I'm happy <<<<I adore rain omg

What tumblr does to you

So what I'm hetting is you turn hella cute and hella gay sign me the fuck up.

I am the Nick

Yeah its all the male characters from HoO or PJO series. You are a da… Fanfiction

Funny tumblr post

I do that with ice skating too! I stopped the gymnastics when I moved to Peoria and took up ice skating and violin.

If someone did this I would DEFINITELY date them

I also think that would work on me. Nope I'm positive now this would definitely work on me.