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Is it sad that I hope for this one day?

This is us, our souls on fire for each other but us together never working out. One day we'll run into each other both happily moved on, we'll and say hi and remember the good times then move on, know we were never ment to be anything more then a memory

Love hurts ...

not me anymore, but definitely resonates with the shit i had to go through and get over because of some asshole who couldn't realize that he had everything he could ever dream of right in front of him. but he wanted more.

True for me except for the second line: I was never desperate to feel that rush. In fact, I thought I wasn't capable of it. No fool like an old, late-blooming fool. And yeah. That's exactly what it's like.

The accuratness of this. Except I dumped him. Bc of the bullshit. Falling apart on the bathroom floor 😭

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One of my oldest closest guy friends told me the same thing about my new beau tonight because I asked the same damn questions!