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想像━❝Donde publico imagines Yoonkook y a ti te da derrame nasal❞ #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad


#wattpad #fanfiction onde jungkook e jimin eram... héteros  # 3 EM FANFIC

straight ➹ - 26 !Jungkook¡

Aonde o amor de Jimin por Pizza se tornou maior depois de ver o novo … Fanfiction

I Am So Proud Of BTS

Suga looks like he is about to hurt jungkook and is planing how to do it. And his facial expressions are EVERYTHING tbh ❤<< thinking "back off of jimin" prob

BTS~ V~ Suga~ Jin~

Imma need Suga to stop being a cutie pie<<<we all know that's not happening no matter what he does

Jungkook Shipping  : yourpinkpill:   Kookie was really focused on...

Jungkook Shipping : yourpinkpill: Kookie was really focused on Yoongi

Juste parce que c'est mon moment préféré de YoonGi'Hyung *3*

Like my idol

- Just Min Yoongi with his adorable black hair Awwww~~~

I love how lost he gets in music, especially during concerts. Its beautiful. How could he think he'd be happy just doing behind the scenes work?

I get so wet when he does that << why must you share irrelevant information<<< shout out to ice cream <<<< the previous comments I'm dead.