This reminds me of how I feel when I skip too many meals or when I have to listen to ignorant people. Don't mess w me. Lol!

These eyes remind me of the eyes of Dr. They're very intimidating to many people and they symbolize the eyes of God. always watching you.

Siberian Tiger | The Aspinall Foundation

Sumatran tigers are keen swimmers and have partial webbing between their toes to help them swim efficiently.

Wallpaper picture of Aslan the lion from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. See all Chronicles of


~~Lion cub with a stick (Panthera leo) by AlesGola~~ Cats can play fetch too

No messing with big cat

Play time: White Bengal tiger cub pesters Mum, in pictures


The beautiful Snow Leopard. I love seeing these animals on TV trying to get me to part with per month. Sadly for them, I can get a small kebab for that!