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pää- ja välivärit

pää- ja välivärit

Pop Art! Candy Paintings I think this would be too hard for my kids but would look cool at Halloween or Valentines day

Art at Becker Middle School: Pop Art!studying real candy prices as our inspiration for our Pop Art Candy Paintings. Tempra paint and black Sharpie outlines added emphasis and strong lines. The paper created a cropped effect

Raised Salt Painting! You need table salt, white glue, watercolors and thick paper then have fun!!

Might be a good sunday school lesson on being the salt of the earth and how our love spreads.salt painting, draw design with glue, pour salt over and touch with liquid watercolor paint, the paint will spread through the salt, no need to use brush strokes

Firework Salt Painting | This is such a cool activity for the 4th of July! These fireworks look great when they are done!

Firework Salt Painting - Busy Mommy Media _ This is such a cool art project for kids! It looks so neat when it is done. I love that it uses stuff I already have on hand. This would be awesome for a rainy day activity!

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Felt Owl Ornament - color ideas whites/grays/silvers, touches of pink?

Colorful Joan Miro art lesson

Miro Art Lesson

Art - Colour and Line. Joan Miro, the focus here is creating lines that form shapes and being able to express yourself through line and color. It’s really empowering for children to create a work of art that resembles nothing familiar.

I love the mixture of solid colors with prints on these felt fish!

Felt fish - inspiration for a fish bowl counting pages for quiet book, colors

“I’m crazy in love with you” ( haren:door een rietje ecoline te blazen)

Kid art for Valentine's Day “I’m crazy in love with you” ( haren:door een rietje ecoline te blazen)