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What Time Is It? - A Telling Time Review Game

What Time is it? This Time Matching Game is the perfect way to use leftover plastic Easter eggs. Kids match digital clock to actual clock

good posters..may need these since I will be teaching these skills in second grade

Great for math word wall Addition/Subtraction Posters for story problem help

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: time

TIME: Telling Time to the Minute Worksheet

clock cube game. Roll the cubes, then move the hands on the clock to the correct time.

Great activity for kids to practice telling time. The dice have either numbers or 15 minute increments on it. Kids roll the die, and then have to put the right time on the clock. Great center idea - make up a wksht to log rolls and clock image

Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc

Place value die. a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers. hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc. Students can also build numbers with bean sticks or unifix cubes if they're not ready for base 10 blocks

I love this!  Two paper plates to teach telling time and elapsed time

Why didn't I think of this for teaching time? :) Learning Ideas - Grades Paper Plate Clocks Round-Up and Telling Time Resources The kids could totally help make one.

I love this idea for learning to tell time. I know it is always a challenge for kids to learn to read clocks, but this is a cool way to he...

Not Your Average Paper Clock craft: Lets face it: Learning how to tell time is tough. There are just so many rules to memorize. The hour hand is short. The minute hand counts by fives. The hour hand speaks first. All these rules in one spot

Antes de iniciarnos en el cálculo es vital trabajar adecuadamente la numeración y, la mejor forma de trabajarla es evitar el aprendizaje mem...

Lots of great number sense activities for Kindergarten or Pre K

Geri's Game

Great short movies for teaching literacy, morals, etc. for this site! I looked "forever" last year for appropriate short films, without luck. I am now prepared for the upcoming year!

Help students learn to tell time with Easter eggs. | 19 Inexpensive DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

Help students learn to tell time with Easter eggs.

Telling time : Have kids match the analog time with the digital time.only need plastic Easter eggs & a permeant marker Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: 10 Ways to Use Plastic Eggs for Learning with Kids