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Recopilación de los gatitos más tiernos y graciosos

Little kitten Memebon is known as the most cutest kitten in the world! She is a sweet Exotic Shorthair kitten from Japan, everyone loves.

why yes you can, kitten... This is how my cat weaseled her way into sleeping in our bed after only a week of my new husbands efforts to keep her off. | cute

The Craziest Things Your Cat Will Do For Treats

"please can i sleep in your bed?he whines and paces if he can't sleep on the bed with me

I dont know why... but I LOVE a cats nose! :)

What’s better than one cute cat nose? Two cute cat noses!

Baby Jaguarundi | Having spent several hours just sitting near mother and kitten to earn ...

Rare cats and even rarer kittens Snow Leopard Rusty Spotted Cat Rare Species Conservation Centre Pallas Cat Jaguarundi Fishing Cat Desert Sand Cat Black Footed Cat

lovely story w many photos

Adorable brother kittens, now cats, who always sleep together Just like my robben and tobi

gossip over the garden wall....did you hear about Louise?  Well, Mittsy told me.......

gossip over the garden wall.did you hear about Louise? Well, Mittsy told me.

garden cats

Gardening tip: When planting cats makes sure to space them 6 inches apart so they have room to grow.

petit chaton mignon

tehehe This is too cute. Kitten in the kitchen. I dont know what the fuck im doing in there so I just sit in bowls and stuff. ) so tiny wish i could have a kitten