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kirsi salonen

Celestial Brothers by Kirsi Salonen

R ドゥン

R ドゥン

Wolves In Norse Mythology by jayne

In Norse Mythology, Fenrir Is A Monstrous Wolf

Didn't know that there were that many bat costumes he kinda reminds me of iron man

The Batman.

"Street Batman" is Jason Todd without his red helmet tho ?

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Batman defeats all!

Сказка "Конёк-горбунок", Ершов П.П. http://russkaja-skazka.ru/konyok-gorbunok/ «Тьфу ты, дьявольская сила! Эк их, дряней, привалило! Чай, их тут десятков с пять. Кабы всех переимать, — То-то было бы поживы! Неча молвить, страх красивы! Ножки красные у всех; а хвосты-то — сущий смех! Чай, таких у куриц нету; а уж сколько, парень, свету, словно батюшкина печь!» И, скончав такую речь, наш Иван, кряхтя с надсады, вылез кой-как из засады, ко пшену с вином подполз, — Хвать одну из птиц за хвост…

Capture of the Firebird by PerlaMarina (print image)

Gennady Spirin: 17 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

The Tale of the Firebird Gennady Spirin (born 25 December Russian painter & children's book illustrator


The Eye of Sauron and the Thundercats tie made me LOL

"The art of the Theros block gods":

The art of the Theros block gods

"The art of the Theros block gods" Magic The Gathering

Erogenous zone area differences in the male and female human ( Ladies have loads of areas to stimulate / guys concentrate on only one piece of anatomy that needs stimulating !! ) Woman are from Mars and men are from Penis ( or is that Venus ? ) Nah, the evidence strongly suggests Penis and woman need a Penis for Ha Penis ( Happiness ) or if too small only exclaim the Ha part repeatedly ie HA HA HA ‼️ is the guy with the small penis's reaction

Sad, but in this day and age they are ones still like this and always will be (hahaha) gotta laugh.