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Kill all the flowers. Until they got memories back and say they your friend. Then better think of it.


*makes a sad kazoo sound* i post lots of sansby and lots of sin my deviantart is the same as my.

"How about we don't"

Pap you innocent cinnamon role! Who told you to look that up! *flowey pokes his head out the corner*

Chara, Frisk, and Sans - comic

Undertale - Chara, Frisk, Sans Funny, but I have no idea what this refers to!

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undertale<<< even better! Frisk loses a tooth and everyone freaks out and he's just like "guys chill the other one will take its place" and everyone freaks out again

When the meet papa they will say"Ahhh, Papy your cool! What makes you think that?"XD

papyrus - omg megalovania and spear of justice *-* you fucked up, papyrus << he has made poor choices

Frisk, Undertale, Papyrus, Sans, Gaster

Did you see this?

Frisk, Undertale, Papyrus, Sans, Gaster <<<< pinning just for Gaster tbh 😂😂

Dust [undertale]

Dust [undertale]

Comic-  Undertale Merch by AbsoluteDream

Comic- Undertale Merch by AbsoluteDream

papyrus, sans, undertale, undertag, funny Papyrus its just a magic trick

Frisk :: Sans :: Undertale персонажи :: Undertale :: Undertale комикс…<<<T-That did not go as planned