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I accept.

I think Helga Hufflepuff was wise enough and kind enough not to judge young future witches and wizards, and simply taught them what she knew.

Sometimes the Ministry of Magic is very stupid. I mean, come one. You had the best whitness right there, in the same place

I mean, Myrtle also wasn't all that helpful when people talked to her so I guess they could've tried. Maybe they went to the bathroom hoping to get answers and instead they found a hysterical ghost wailing and flying through people.

Aww #ParentingGoals

If only my kids were as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. I know my husband won't respond if I start writing to the characters! <<<< I will do this for any fictional person my kids write to. My husband will help.


Oh, you're an expert on Harry Potter now that you have seen all the movies, eh? Then please enlighten me as to who Peeves is.and Winky

"Lily Evans . . . The only one to ever own James Potter's aching heart." James and Lily: My #1 OTP

Mareena placed bets on if and won. But he noticed next to Lilly, was the one and only prank goddess of hogwarts, Mareena Vega. And he saw that she was blushing slightly as she glanced at Sebastian Descrio.

Perfect <3 Romione head canon

"Ron, just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon .

Harry Potter

"PLEASE tell me you heard that in Wood's voice." uhhh yes. And now I'm having a flashback of freaking hot sean biggerstaff. Great real name and character name (Oliver Wood)