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Only problem is im the typical gemini that doesnt stick around long enough to master anything.

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Not fair to those who truly deserve to get close but so true- judge people on their merit, not on your past

I'm a pessimist on my own, I need you to show me the good things thay can happen, but don't try to force me to believe that they will.

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thats betters..spot on.always have a.plan B C and D ..work out worst case scenario first..and work up from there. Not much frazzles us or is a surprise...its all worked out anyway

Ever wonder why I always have a back up plan with multiple contingencies? I have a Gemini mind.

Regina hates when Draco gets into fights over people badmouthing her, but there's not much she can do to stop it.

i do tend to do that! i'm protective and a defender. i like people to think positively about people and things i like and love. -well I'm not a lover yet but I do not tolerate people talking behind me or my friends back!

But this is me (Pisces), my Sagittarius, my Aquarius and my Libra friends...

And I have experienced both of these personalities in completely different people. Strange how a one Gemini can be a dream come true and another one can be your worst nightmare