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The Presence of Shiva Infographic - On the Trail of the First Yogi

Sadhguru looks at four significant places – Kailash, Velliangiri, Kashi and Kantisarovar – where Shiva has spent time, and elaborates on the power and energy of these spaces. Don’t miss the infographic!

Balanced Chakras Reduce Anxiety | Chakra balancing tips infographic | Meditation | Mindfulness | Mental health & self-care

Introducing Meditation Into Your Yoga Exercises

Dhyanalinga – An Offering to Humanity

November marks the day when Dhyanalinga was offered to the world. After three lifetimes of work, Sadhguru had fulfilled his guru’s wish. In this article, he answers a question on what his wish and plans are.

Ten Major Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism

An infographic showing ten major gods and goddesses of Hinduism their relationships to each other and their symbolism.


This is an amazing infograph on the pineal gland, chakras, and correlating emotions!

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ELI5: Hinduism Infographic

Sanātana Dharma (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म meaning "eternal dharma" or "eternal order") which has been proposed as an alternative name for Hinduism (Hindi Hindu Dharm हिन्दू धर्म,) "Hinduism" is a fairly modern term promoted first by Westerners.

The first three  Mantras are the words or phrases that endow one with the power of reflection, (i.e. produce one pointed concentration of the mind) and when chanted they eliminate all kinds of fear and provide all-round protection.

Tamaso Ma Jyothirgamaya - Lead me from darkness to light Collection of Mantras Mantras. by ~dogyjoe on deviantART

Shiva Lingam Explained !

Shiva Lingam Explained - for the ancients, the lingam - phalus and the yoni - the vulva, as matrix, represented the duality of the Creative Active Principle in the universe

Android Jones - Boom Shiva

Visionary Artist Android Jones Boom Shiva Tapestry by Third Eye Tapestries