violet hair with light blue bow.I like it minus the bow. I would do the but a darker purple

beautiful spectrum of of violet hair. I sometimes wish I hadn't cut it so I could do this

beautiful spectrum of violet hair. I wish I could do this for like a day and it wouldnt ruin my hair haha

Light pink hair :)

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pink ombre

Discover fashionfreax, your fashion community. Awesome Style that combines : Long pink ombré hair with More Street Fashion here.

red hair // I kinda miss my red hair. I think if I wasn't so pale the red hair woulda looked better. Hmm we'll see. Maybe ill use my tax money this year and do a few months of tanning before summer and dye my hair red again. We shall see :D

Do you fancy to get your hair dyed a Bright Red? Red hair dye generally fades away quickly,when people dye their hair red it actually nev.

I finally got to dye my hair this colour!! Bright red for college

I want this hair! Reminds me, I once had this hairstyle back in yr high school. I want this for halloween and holiday same color, same curls.


This is why people are disappointed when they color their hair pink. This is totally photoshopped. Her hair is actually blonde, you can see at the ends where they didn't do a great job filling in the color. < Don't care it's pretty!