Mickey Mouse Watercolor Illustration for Avoya Travel's Daily Escape: “Childhood is the world of miracle and magic” Thought Steph might like this

Adventure is out there!

Adventurous--I've always been drawn to the idea of adventure; going to amazing places, having wondrous experiences, meeting many unique characters, and at the end of it all being able to share a story well outside the realms of everyday life

Keep Calm It's a Small World After All :)  And you are welcome for now having that song stuck in your head ;)  lol

Keep Calm and Carry On Disney Style

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Disney tattoo, I actually kinda like this! do mickey on one side with the words smile breathe,,,on the other side minnie with believe in magic

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Disney is calling me all the time yes I like it I have more fun stuff to work for that's why they call me Mickey Mouse love taking phone called about disney work :)

Keep Calm and Watch a Disney Movie. Always good advice. <3

I love to watch Disney movies when I am sick and I am sick right now with a sinus infection. Actually keep calm and always watch Disney movies.

aww :)  this would be a cute gift to get from my husband the morning of our wedding

"I tasted it, no poison. - Prince Charming" How to pick up a girl, Disney style. This is so cute! My husband better do this!

Disney quotes

Disney Movie Quotes

the Peter Pan quote was actually from Robin Hood. The quote was started by Lady Cluck and finished by Maid Marian.


"You know that place between sleep & awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you. That's where I'll be waiting." Peter Pan, Canvas Print --- for B's room maybe.

Shockingly profound Disney movies quotes…

Funny pictures about Shockingly profound Disney movies quotes. Oh, and cool pics about Shockingly profound Disney movies quotes. Also, Shockingly profound Disney movies quotes.

every girls dream... #ariel #mermaid #disney

I honestly dont get why Ariel wanted to be a human. All Ive ever wanted in life is to be a MERMAID. I couldn't be a mermaid because of the whole fear of the ocean/shark thing.

Lion king

The Lion King Quote - Rafiki - Simba - "Oh yes, the past can hurt.but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.