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実は、2015年のGTMまとめを作ろうと思ったんだけど、 1体目を色変えした時点で、なんか急にめんどくさくなって来てやめたっていう・・・w

実は、2015年のGTMまとめを作ろうと思ったんだけど、 1体目を色変えした時点で、なんか急にめんどくさくなって来てやめたっていう・・・w

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Irobot "The Robot Collective" - Limited Edition Art Print by Dawn… 50 Best Futuristic Robot Models and Character Design… Anyone

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Ive been working on this model off and on again, getting it ready for animation. Fixed a ton of polygon errors, re-rigged it and ran it thru a different renderer.

Artist: Tsvetomir Georgiev aka pstchoart  -  Robot Smart • (Concept Art) Tsvetomir Georgiev of The Aaron Sims Company  -  http://www.iamag.co/features/the-art-of-tsvetomir-georgiev/#jp-carousel-49531  -  http://ceco.cgsociety.org/  -  http://www.iamag.co/features/the-art-of-tsvetomir-georgiev/  -  #TsvetomirGeorgiev  -  #pstchoart

Spectacular robot sci-fi character design created in Zbrush by Aaron Sims Company artist pstchoart (Tsvetomir Georgiev) of Sofiya, Bulgaria!

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Hyperreal robots by Vitaly Bulgarov. Keywords: hyperreal realistic concept robot renders black phoenix project by vitaly bulg.