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Lukey ♥

Pugs are so punk rock

Luke is a very talented child :)

Next he can have me in bed XD<<< Luke: .

Ha ha and here we have Luke Hemmings copying himself.

Oh god luke

Luke Hemmings :)) I really want to know if the REAL Luke Hemmings has a pintrest just so that i could follow him and see what he likes and just know that it is really him and have a real connection to him. thts all ♥ I do think i'm following the real one doe ;)

5 Seconds Of Summer, Luke Hemmings

you guys omg its been so long since I've pinned and I got a phone and cried ngl merry christmas ily all

This picture is magical >>> every pic of Luke is magical !

I think he's like "Hey, I'm going to maliciously murder half the female population." when he looks this hot.

Dang Luke Robert hemmings you look perfect

If you don't repin I'm forever judging you

Don't Bore Us 🎄 on

Luke Hemmings and turbo

amnesia video lyrics :((( i'm crying | via Tumblr

Luke hemmings in the amnesia lyric video

It's just a normal photo....until you see Calum excellent photo bomb...

Luke and Calum.Aaaahh is that an album I spy or at least part of one! I love cal's face haha and Luke stop seducing people!

I wanna punch you in the face, with my face

OH MY GOSH, I need to use that line, "I'm gonna punch you in the face, with my face" THAT is amazing LOL

Luke Hemmings

I would give a kidney to be that microphone

5 seconds of summer

Luke arriving at the airport in LA

Luke Hemmings Facts {part1} | One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer ...

Luke Hemmings Facts {part1}

I laugh at his face every time I see this picture

Luke hemming

ironic bc LUKE looks so perfect all the time ya feel me?

Eating and listening to Fall Out Boy. I'm actually going to a school dance and socializing.. *shivers* the outside world

Luke Hemmings - 5 Seconds Of Summer ladies and gents.


5SOS Imagines on

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer the amount of times I've added him to this list.