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Lukey ♥

Luke Hemmings on

Albuquerque Ayres: "this shirt deserved a selfie haha.

HELP I've fangirled and I can't get up...      I NEED LUKE-ALERT

(Fc: Luke Hemmings) Hey I'm Luke! 18 and single. I'm in 5 seconds of summer!

you guys omg its been so long since I've pinned and I got a phone and cried ngl merry christmas ily all

This picture is magical >>> every pic of Luke is magical !

is this real life or is this just fantasy

I have the same shoes as like.we must be connected somehow

This picture is one of the rarest in the word and hot... check your spelling before posting something people

Quite possibly the only shirtless picture of Luke in existence!

He's got the greatest smile :D - K

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