Filhotes de ruskys siberianos

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I would like this many huskies to keep me company when I am old. by kara

That dog in the middle........ sneaky corgi

That dog in the middle...

This shopping cart full of husky puppies.someone should stuff the people who did this in a shopping cart

Время обеда. )

Siberian Husky family waiting patiently for breakfast. ♡<<<< I can tell you this, Huskies waiting for food are never patient! Oh god no they act like you are Satan holding there food hostage and they will get it by all means necessary

Com certeza você já imaginou vários nomes possíveis para seu futuro cãozinho.

Na verdade você conhece todos os cachorros dos vizinhos por nome.

We’re not saying Huskies are the best dog. We’re just providing a bunch of cute and funny data and letting you decide. [via ebaumsw

Husky Puppies

All the Husky puppies you could ever want in one Instagram account

husky pups with mum

Proof that Huskies are the most photogenic dogs

Globe Pics on

Globe Pics on

Alaskan Klee Kai - small version of an Alaskan/Siberian Husky. Toy alaskan klee kais don't reach over or 20 pounds