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Nguan - Singapore+

wetheurban: “ Dreamy Stillness, Nguan Singapore born photographer Ngaun’s body of work is a pastel-tinted dreamscape of brutalism and loneliness, with the occasional flower or rainbow mixed.

Nguan – From the series “Singapore”

Singapore / Photographer Nguan is trying to change this mindset by capturing the beautiful, pastel stillness of his home.

Take a Tour of Technicolor Cities Around the World | Florence, Italy | Credit: Ben Thomas | From Wired.com

Take a Tour of Technicolor Cities Around the World

Sebastiaan Bremer

Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer specializes in collage photos. His dreamy imagery is bathed in sunshine and ink designs that resemble confetti.


medeae: ““Yearning is the dominant theme that runs through all of my work. Singaporeans are restless by nature - we have wandering hearts. This picture describes the longing to be in a different place or time.“— Nguan, from an interview with The.

Photography by Matthias Heiderich

Photography by Matthias Heiderich

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Matt Crump @Matt Crump | Websta

Wrought Studio Photographic Print Format: Budget Saver Framed Paper, Size: H x W x

♡ pastel punk ♡

Austrian photographer, Ward Roberts, spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world. Roberts’ photos are usually of empty landscapes, highlighting the loneliness and…