921 Likes, 14 Comments - @rosecplima on Instagram

921 Likes, 14 Comments - @rosecplima on Instagram

Beautiful Purple Rose

✯ Beautiful Deep Purple Rose ~ Purple was always one of your most favorite colors ~ how beautiful is this my Heather ✯

.A lotus, whose roots are deep in the ground must rise above the surface to reach the sun..., build strong roots and then root down to rise up... 2298 637 Julia Parry Tattoo inspiration Pin it Send Like Learn more at flickr.com flickr.com Consider the lilies...Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. by Shingan Photography 2061 324 2 Peggy Haslar Little, Least, Last, Lowest TONYA//HURLEY My favorite flower!

lovely purple flowers - I actually have these in my garden, this shade and also a darker shade. by Hercio Dias

Who doesn't love pink roses? Pink roses have a special place in our heart. So, here we list out of some of the most beautiful pink roses ever.

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Amazing what science can do with the highlights.

Scientists create secret formula to make plants fluorescent. The formula is sprayed onto flowers and plants which are then placed next a special light to make them glow (blah blah sciencey stuff. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS SPARKLING GLOWING FLOWERS!

Mil pétalos.

Gorgeous orange colored roses Colorful rose Pegasus-David Austin English rose, blooms with an ivory edge and apricot centers, sweet rose and.

Your True Colors

my grandfather grew roses & this was his favorite rose- believe they're named "angel kiss". whenever these lavender roses were in bloom, he would bring me a small bouquet- so lovely- miss you grandfather xo