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Something like this headpiece for the weddings. Brygid, Goddess fo Spring by Martha Boers of Antique Lilac - Copyright © 2013

Brygid, Goddess of Spring - Gallery 2013 - Antique Lilac

Brygid, Goddess of Spring. This costume was commissioned to fit an Iplehouse EID with medium bust. Modeling the ensemble is the creator's EID Carina.

Black Noize Cathedral - Выставка "10 лет вокруг света" (Кукольная Коллекция Елены Громовой)

Black Noize Cathedral - The exhibition years around the world" (Doll Collection Helena Thunder)

@дневники — моя кукляндия

Commission outfit and wig for character of male concubine. Model - Boheme - Soom Dia on Spiritdoll Proud body. Wig, face-up, outfit & jewelry by Amadiz Studio.

Tom Francirek & Andre Oliveira

Doll by Tom Francirek Andre Oliveira They use the finest fabrics, both antique and modern, French lace, silk ribbons, silk and cotton are best. The eyes of each porcelain doll are hand-drawn.

Martha Boers Doll

≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - Winter Fairy (queen's doll) hair & vine maybe fairies

I didn't know Henry the Eighth or the Boleyn Girl was a tutor! "Idk if they were going for it but this totally reminds me of a character from the other Boleyn girl or the tutors <3"

Francesca Modeling this EID-size ensemble is my beautiful ball-jointed doll, Carina by Iplehouse.