andy black

I love how he use to be all black leather, chains an long black hair an makeup an now he wears flowery jackets

CC best drummer ever!

CC Coma aka - he is such a character! I'd love to go party with CC & Ashley.

This is my favorite picture of him and I'm not sure why c:

Love Andy Biersack ♡ Black Veil Brides saved my life ♡ BVB Army forever ♡


Andy Sixx vs Andy Biersack are the same person<<<can I just say I love that this edit makes it look like two brothers? Like “more recent” Andy is “less recent” Andy’s older brother?

It's funny how Andy is slowly killing me yet, he doesn't know.

'From shackles made.' Shadows Die, BVB lol it looks like he's saying "for muchachoo"