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honey-sweetened apple scrap jelly, made entirely from the leftover peels + cores of apples!

"Friendship Fruitcake Starter" aka Brandied Fruit - Just like other starters, this keeps growing. Plan on using lots of brandied fruit throughout the year if you keep it. Also, beware of fruit flies - they love this stuff!

amish friendship fruit cake starter -- I wish I found this before Halloween. My mom made this cake, and it is the best fruit cake ever!

Make delicious jelly with no added sugar or pectin, using only apple peels & cores!

Apple-Honey Jelly (Made From Peels & Cores) - They're Not Our Goats

Spaghetti Sauce ~ I have tried several different spaghetti sauce recipes and always come back to this.  We love it and it looks so pretty in the jars.  (The Farm Girl)

The Farm Girl Recipes: Spaghetti Sauce. I made a half batch to start, and it turned out nice. (Bet it's good but not as good as my "all day long cook sauce") LOL

How to Make Apple Jelly - With Just Two Ingredients @ Common Sense Homesteading

2 Ingredient Apple Jelly

How to Make Apple Jelly sweetened with sugar or honey. The natural pectin in apples means you don't need to add commercial pectin.

Family Feedbag: Applesauce fruit blends.  Recipes for peach. blueberry and strawberry applesauce. Canning as well as freezer storage information included #canning #preserving

Applesauce Fruit Blends - Blueberry, Strawberry and Peach Applesauce recipes > recipes by Amy Bronee > via Family Feedbag

How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar From Apple Peels

How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar From Apple Peels

Don't throw away those apple peels! You can make apple cider vinegar from them! How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar From Apple Peels

Apple Core & Peeling Jelly: "This is a wonderful jelly. What a great way to use up the apple peels and cores." -MommaWeb5ter

Apple Core and Peeling Jelly

Apple Core and Peeling Jelly Canning Recipe. This recipe is just ok. I did not water down to 7 cups, otherwise it would have been too bland. Next time, I'll add one or two apples quartered to get more flavor out of it.

Apple Peel Cider– don't throw away those apple peels this fall! Turn them into a delicious drink instead!

Got Apple Peels? Make a Simple Apple Peel Cider

Got Apple Peels? Make a Simple Apple Peel Cider! Wish I'd seen this a couple weeks ago! So many ideas in the comments too for maximizing the value of having an apple tree. :D Next fall.