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Yeah, that's Sans for you Agent J- Literally me.

Sans: *dies bc they’re so fucking cute* Frisk: d’awwwww he likes me!

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Undertale, flowey, sans, you still haven't beaten this guy yet, don't you sass me

To be fair, he only has 1 hp, which could be an issue. *sigh* Just acknowledging that fact makes me sad

When they gots dog residu

Temmie wol it's hoi or goodboi

undertale, papyrus, sans

undertale, papyrus, sans << YES

You felt your sans crawling up your back.....papyrus, sans, undertale

You felt sans crawling at yur back 😂😂😂

Your Deep Fried Friend

wint the prophet

When I read this I thought of Sans standing on a footstool on tiptoes to be on the screen xD

undertale papyrus and spaghetti - Yahoo Image Search Results

Poor Sans.

You better get used to it, poor Sans.

Resultado de imagen para undertale papyrus and sans comic

Resultado de imagen para undertale papyrus and sans comic

True. This was my thoughts exactly. Also COME ON PAPYRUS! (Pacifist ending)

Undertale , a tiny flower helped me

papyrus, undertale, sans, frisk

Oh my god, Sans.

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Sans on the genocide run of undertale. Sick burn there sans (I myself have never and will never do a genocide run of this game because it would physically pain me) <--- oh shit

My sentiments exactly.

You may have seen the theory of Chara being nice:THIS IS A THEORY. Canon and theories are different. Chara is evil. Spread the word.


UNDERTALE - Sans Using his Powers on Frisk gif by blinddetermination

gaster's valentine says "you fill my void"

Undertale Valentine's (Gaster's valentine says "you fill my void")