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Heeeeeeyyyy duuuuuuddddeee

On Nickelodeon's anniversary of the cult classic "Hey Dude." 17 Ridiculous things that we forgot about on "Hey Dude.

My Childhood: Boy Meets World

i still love and watch kids tv shows today but nothing will beat the love and time i spent watching and enjoying tv shows such as BOY MEETS WORLD! Even tempted to watch the spin off of Girl Meets World

new kids on the block!!

New Kids on the Block - First concert I ever attended. I touched Jordan's hand!

Roseanne! I can watch this all day everyday. Of all the shows I like, it's like top 3 because it depicts a real American family with real problems. It's about as real as you can get without it being one of those stupid reality tv shows. Besides, it's hilarious. Love it!

Roseanne reminds me of my childhood. Though I've moved far away from home, I enjoy watching Roseanne because it makes my family feel close by. Mom swears she's not nearly as "fun" as Roseanne, though.

Salute Your Shorts

90’s kid shows vs. 2011 kid shows

Camp Anawana we hold you in our hearts and when we think about you, it makes us want to fart♥ Salute your Shorts

Clarissa & Sam probably have super-stylist little babies.. and Ferguson darling is definitely alone.

When I was a little girl. I LOVED 'Clarissa Explains It All'. I believed she really did explain it all.

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Used to watch step by step all the time

Step by Step, I remember every Friday night watching TGIF. This show, Family Matters, and Dinosaurs when it was on. Now the only thing on is pure crap!

The Bozo Show - Every morning we watch this while getting ready for school.

Cookie and Bozo. A lunch time favorite. We'd run home, eat, watch the Grand Prize game, then run back to school. This was before schools were uptight about off campus activities.