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Intollereince is the real ignorance. I'm glad that lady helped out. We need kindness and peace.

Well yeah, a lot of religious books says a woman is lower than a man, one of the few only religious books that says a woman should be independent is the Satanic one. So yeah, Satan's a feminist

tinyshinytimelord: “ rootbeersweetheart: “ Satan confirmed feminist ” the only true ally ”

I didn't actually think about this…okay, it's a good think to keep in mind.

I have to consider this ALL the time with my nieces, due to the subtle bs their father puts them through

How to understand ignorant people: The Guide. #feminism #sexism #transphobia #LGBT

Martina Skupinova on

“How to understand ignorant people: The Guide.

OK, it's one thing to say this about the gspot but the clitoris? That's some Backwoods shit right there

I took sex ed in Texas and the teacher told us that one in six condoms break. Wonder where that high teen pregnancy rate came from.

I did a project on Cleopatra and this was one of the most interesting parts of the project

She knew half a dozen languages but the bitch couldn't be bothered to learn Egyptian.

Gray area rape is rape

Gray area rape is rape. If you are forced to agree, it is still rape.<<saying being pressured to consent to sex isn't rape is like saying the cashier participated in the robbery because he gave the money to the robber when threatened with a gun.

I never even realized this, and now I'm totally reconsidering. Thank you, whoever posted this! :)

Please do not support this movie, it demonizes dissociative identity disorder which is already stigmatized, please do not go see 'Split'

I remember telling a guy this once and watching his jaw drop.

Most bellies aren't flat because of the uterus pushing against the abdominal cavity and thigh gaps depend on the width and rotation of the pelvis.

Women aren't to blame because we couldn't misrepresent and oppress even if we wanted to.

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Trans people are still people.

For Halloween in fifth grade, I dressed up with a sugar skull. I wasn't even the one who suggested it. I wanted to be something scary, but I had already bought a flaminco dancer costume, so my mom suggested the sugar skull. I had no idea so I am sorry if that offended anyone

I'm Mexican-American and don't wear Sugar Skulls anywhere because I don't know a lot about Dia de Los Muertos and I don't want to offend those more connected with the culture