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The double standard is unreal

The double standard is unreal

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30 Nerd Humor Quotes #Nerd #Humor

30 Nerd Memes

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Funny pictures about Dad Joke Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Dad Joke Dog. Also, Dad Joke Dog photos.

Trop drôle , je me suis faites avoir

Trop drôle , je me suis faites avoir

Bad Pun Dog

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Why wouldn't you want me in your garden? I wouldn't take up mushroom. I'm a…

"Mushroom" As a Sensor, I find humor in literal interpretation, such as the puns displayed here. When there's a chance to make a pun, I always seize the opportunity.

I used to think I was #indecisive but now I'm #NotSure #LetsGetWordy #BadPunDog

So ridiculous but am LMAO - ICU doctors do have a really sick sense of humour - they say it's on account of losing so many patients - I'd say! 7 in 7 days is a bit of a shock to my system! - think they are rubbing off on me!