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katharine hepburn quote , if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun

Clearly you just replaced me with her. ( not about a boy btw) ❤️

lemotejuste: From imgfave.com - itiswhatitis

lemotejuste: From imgfave.com (itiswhatitis)


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sometimes we are taken into troubled waters not to be drowned but to be cleansed.


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The freedom, confidence security in independence is HUGE! Empower your daughters with the life skill to make decisions based on what they actually want, not what they think they need.

This is what i get told that i need to do all the time because im too uptight and follow the rules too much

"It's simple. Break the rules. Not just the school rules, or the household rules. Break society's rules, break your own rules, break life's rules. Do what makes you happy, Braith.