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Very true, may have the strength.

Our instinct is to protect. It is hard to understand that the consequence of the moment is protect them in the future. The hardest thing I face is the pain in another, especially the child I hold so dear in my heart, Autumn Lauren!

auotes about adults dragging chikdren into oroblems - Google Search

The worst possible thing in the world is an intitled spoild brat! They just turn into spoild adults!

My parenting style from the get go. Hard but so necessary.

Too many parents want to be their children's friend instead of a parent. Real parents do what will help their children to grow up to be responsible, caring, ethical, and grateful adults.


Children that aren't taught accountability for their actions grow up to become adults that thing nothing they do is wrong.

I agree . . .except they move all over the place....far far from you :(   At least one stayed close and had our beautiful grandbabies:)

Bugg and Harlan won't have every materialistic thing they want because I don't want them spoiled that way, but they will be spoiled with love, affection and good values!

The years go by so quickly! Trust me. I am  mother to a 17yr old and 11month old, with a few more kids in between... The years FLY!

Parenting: the days are long but the years are short. - Anonymous Too short.