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Halloween/ oktoberfest/day of the dead / turkey day / xmas / ny eve

Time to evolve.

Funny pictures about The Banana Experiment. Oh, and cool pics about The Banana Experiment. Also, The Banana Experiment photos.

True. Makes me think that it never happened at all. I stop myself from rereading the messages over again and staying/getting mad all over again.

Me, all fucking me lol I'll delete the shit out of your messages and commebts. The petty train has derailed ladies and gentlemen, wooops.

Stupid spoons!! I knew it!!!

Couldn't resist pinning this one.:P I finally understand why I misspell so much when I write letters. It's the pencil's fault!

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I literally have no problem texting first as long as u make me feel like u actually wanna talk

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I love when people remember the little things I told them. It rarely happens…

Sweetest thing to say to a girl.

If someone said this to me i would faint no joke///honestly I would laugh because that's super cheesy XD