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Who remembers flubber? Make something fun to take along on the next match activity or use it during your time at the school-based matches! I'm thinking of using it for school for social studies we have a day called barter day and have to make a craft and trade it with class mates!!

Homemade Flubber Recipe For Kids

Homemade Flubber Recipe and Borax Uses for Kids on Frugal Coupon Living. 15 of the most creative Borax Recipes and science experiments to create in the home. Hands-on science experiments for kids.

Who remembers questiony the question mark so is turned into a question mark Robbie got a broken heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who remembers questiony the question mark Soos turned into a question mark, Robbie got a broken heart!

The X-Files Monologues

The X-Files Monologues

Floyd Red Crow Westerman There is an ancient Indian saying~ Something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it.

Who remembers what this is? I so regret sending mine to Goodwill & replacing it with the modern "Razor Blade", slide ruler variety. It I knew then what nostalgia & memories would mean.

vintage photo PAPER CUTTER wooden 13 maple by Sugar Cube Vintage, used this about a million times at school

Who remembers pop-it beads? Yes, I do. My favorite was my cute little caterpillar I made from a kit!

Pop it beads! multi color, solid color, necklace,long or short or bracelet!they were fun!

Who remembers shorthand?  I've used it all thru my life. ✔ Still remember miss Shewchuk drilling us on brief forms in her dry & serious manner.

I did Pitman's Shorthand as a high school subject. I never mastered it, but thank goodness taking notes from your boss this way changed by the time I left school. It really is a dead art. Few people today know what shorthand is.