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[Powder Monki] Kojak - Retro Cult TV Badge/Magnet - Kojak badge or magnet.

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Challenge Anneka - exhausting programme just to watch.

They're kooky and they're spooky...fun to watch

They're kooky and they're spooky.fun to watch

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Do Not Adjust Your Set (December 1967 - May starring David Jason, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Denise Coffey, and Terry Jones

Retro Kids TV Badge/Magnet - Grange Hill "Tucker's Luck" ~ www.powdermonki.co.uk ~

[Powder Monki] Grange Hill Tucker's Luck - Retro Cult TV Badge/Magnet - Tucker's Luck (spin off from Grange Hill) badge or magnet.

Animal Magic - johnny Morris, awww remember his lovely singsong voice

Do you remember Johnny Morris as a zoo keeper in in Animal Magic' making wildlife fun for children. He did the funny voices of the animals

Starsky & Hutch - Still one of my favorite cop shows from back in the day.

STARSKY AND HUTCH ~ Two streetwise cops bust criminals in their red-and-white Torino, with some help from their 'snitch,' named Huggy Bear. Starring: David Soul (Hutch), Michael Paul Glaser (Starsky), and Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear).