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Don’t ruin an apology with an excuse.

This is one I have had to work on. Another pinned-My mom taught me this when I was a kid. I've handed it down to my son. He knows I can accept a good reason, but never some lame excuse. Thx mom, a great rule!

Delta Breezes...

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” Quello che è essenziale è Perfetto “ ~ Leonardo da Vinci. Laciatevi ispirare dal bianco. Piccoli dettagli di stile per una casa ricca di fascino ed eleganza.

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Black is my happy color!

Black has always been my favorite color. I always feel indestructible every time I wear black. Black is just the best color ever hands down! I even wanted to paint my room black, at one point, my parents weren't having it though.

Positive self-talk... Practice saying this to yourself everyday until you believe it. Then observe how your world starts to transform.

I'm happy for who I am. I'm happy with what I have. I'm happy for the ones I Love and when u Have these things what else u have to look for

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The Bold Look of

“Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means” ~Karl Lagerfeld

“I fell in love with black; it contained all color. It wasn't a negation of color... Black is the most aristocratic color of all... You can ...

COLOR QUOTES_BLACK "I fell in love with black; it contained all color. It wasn't a negation of color.Black is the most aristocratic color os all. You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing.