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Mom, how is it to have an awesome kid? I don't know, ask your grandmother

I'm not a teenager but this is totally me. I sing allll the time. Even when I shouldnt

So true

teenager post - i don't regret things i've done. i regret the things i didn't do when i had a chance!


That moment when you're doing something stupid with your best friend and someone stares at you.

Look the other way, look the other way!!!!

Look the other way, look the other way!!!!

Hate this....

That awkward moment when your sarcasm isn't understood in a text. And then the person asks are you serious and you say nooo I'm severus and think you had a sarcastic harry potter joke and the person is like what?

Teenager Post 201 - 300 - Teenagerpost Wiki

Teenager Post 201 - 300

Teenager Post: talking on the phone and notice that your not talking at all just texting.

pretty much.


haha so true! and to tell them their evil plan and confess to all the bad things theyve done!