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Because he specifically made those bullets hit him to save Hawkeye (Clint) like he wouldn't have missed any of them. Though he could have moved so that the bullets hit him in places that could be fixed.

The SHADE but so true

<--no but seriously Marvel doesn't seem to realize that comics are not just for men anymore and I will keep saying this until they get it<<<<<they are making progress with the Black Widow movie

Yes, please. 》Marvel if you're listening, if you're gonna make me go through all of those feel I at least expect this

definitely steve<<< no. It has to be Natasha. <---- It has to be Nat in the post credit scene, then Steve in the after credit scene.

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character

Excuse me Marvel, where is the Black Widow movie?

Excuse me Marvel, where is the Black Widow movie? This is for everyone that thinks Natasha is just another really good spy. She's the female version of Captain America

24 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Great Ideas For The Avengers

When Bucky finally got Cap to take a look in the mirror.

This revelation about how the team dynamics work. I can totally imagine this and I want it to happen. It can be in the Avengers sitcom that I may or may not have planned out when I was bored in class *awkward laughs* *nervously looks around*

I love hearing and reading Loki being a good brother ((<<same here. I just eant those two to be brothers, no matter what! I just want it all to be good!))

Tony, Rogue and Clint all prefer plain apple pie (Rogue has cheese with hers), Nat and Bruce love tart rhubarb and raspberry, Steve prefers warm peach pie with ice cream. Bucky’s favourite is a sour cream and raisin pie that Pepper once made from her.

Cosplay done right

Someone give this kid a medal! Give him aaaaaalllll the medals! i'm gonna cry.

OKAY, WOW, JUST STOP IT, EVERYONE.<<< This is so adorable, I just can't

Bucky is the older brother Steve needed and Steve was the little punk brother Bucky needed.

Hawkeye and Falcon once disappeared for a week and then returned with an actual hawk and falcon. Tony tried to ban pets in the Tower after Steve and Bucky bought 7 dogs and cats, but secretly really enjoys spending time with his parrot. Only Pepper, Natasha and Maria know about the spider colony in the air ducts

Definitely also headcanon that as Deadpool-y as he is, he's worthy to Mjolnir because of stuff like THIS.<<<<Headcanon has been accepted and spreading of the news needs to commence now

Clint's day-to-day life just seems so hard | Clint and thinking fast | Marvel

Clint Barton> One day Clint aims his bow and arrow at Tony and tells him in a dark, terrifying voice to "Think fast." Tony stops after that.