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Everyones making cool theories about the paint, but tbh I think he does it to make it look like he has a jawline

Dark Tyler light Tyler little ball of sound happy Tyler rock Tyler it's called ukulele screamo and it's art

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « twenty one pilots blurryface wallpaper »

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « twenty one pilots blurryface wallpaper

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This is funny and Jesus fuck josh looks rlly good in that pic and Tyler looks like he's ready to smack a bitch with his ukelele

Why you should never have a "Josh Dressing Room" or "Tyler Dressing Room" but a "twenty one pilots dressing room".

Smol bean and spooky Jim have to be togettthhheeerrrrrrrrrrr❤❤❤

Literally me omg

Loll I would play Screen for an hour but this is also beautiful

That's what I tell my parents everyday!

XD my brother tells me it's a phase of liking TOP. Pfft when I get a car imma put TOP crap all over it.