This is especially true when the "messenger" is still living in the past, and is already a screwed up individual to begin with. Or - it's all bullshit and has nothing to do with you in the first place.

Exclusive..but you get the point !

I feel this way right now about so many worthless muthafuckas I've dealt with throughout my life.so much damn time I wasted on them that I am never going to get back.


I learned to stay humble; don't fuck with many; don't rush nothing and whatever happens.happened for a reason.

Yes!! Rich in life value, not monetary value! Priceless moments and memories that doesn't require a price tag.❤️

My goal is to be filthy rich. Rich in adventure, in helath, in knowledge, in lauguter, in family and in Love.


Your real unfiltered passion. Your patience. Your attention. When someone notices things about you that you yourself would have never noticed.

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I wanna thank God for the life he giving me. It aint all perfect but all these things God is giving me is giving me strength. Thank God for everything😇Amen❗😇

I am trying to be a better me. If you don't understand or support me in my journey, believe you've already been removed

I'm honestly just trying to level up spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, & emotionally.